Stephanie Concepcion

Front End Developer


JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, Sass, Node, Express, GraphQL, Gatsby, Wordpress


Naming applications


A web app for tracking book, movie, show, and game consumption. Media is organized by date, ratings, and category. Users can write optional reviews for any item, tag items, and add their own photos or search for photos from an existing database.



Picker allows users to randomly choose a movie based on date range, category, and rating.



Tagger is an ongoing personal project to help organize my growing collection of reference photos stored in dropbox. The app was built as a way for artists to manage reference and inspiration as opposed to organizing personal photos. The user can connect to their dropbox account, add/delete images and folders, and then use tags to organize the images as they'd like.



25 is an application for tracking tasks in intervals of 25 minutes inspired by the Pomodoro Technique. Users can use the built in timer to time a specific task, or use the tally to increment by 25 minutes manually. Each item has graph data that displays progress on that task by week, month, or over the year. Additionally, users can view how long they've spent on tasks during the current year.


Illustration Portfolio

A simple portfolio site made for displaying my illustration work. Now archived since I am no longer taking on illustration clients.